Norcross man chases couple, fires gun toward car

Tuan Minh Dao

Tuan Minh Dao

NORCROSS -- A suspected love triangle escalated into a shooting on Saturday as police said a Norcross man followed his ex-girlfriend and another man and demanded they pull their car over.

A woman called police shortly after 10 a.m. and said she was being chased by her ex-boyfriend in another vehicle, and he was shooting at the vehicle she was in, according to a Gwinnett County Police incident report. The incident began on Buford Highway near Simpson Circle when Tuan Minh Dao allegedly demanded that the man and woman pull over, then pulled a black handgun and repeated his demands. Police said Tuan Minh Dao, 28, then fired one round from the gun in the direction of the front tire of the couple's vehicle.

That caused the driver who was allegedly shot at to accelerate and turn off of Buford Highway and on to North Berkeley Lake Road, then on to Pleasant Hill Road. Dao followed them at a "high rate of speed" as the chase continued to Steve Reynolds Boulevard and Interstate 85 southbound.

Police arrived at the incident and pulled over near the alleged victims.

Another officer met Dao at his home where he admitted that he pulled a gun and asked the couple to pull over before he fired a round toward the ground.

Dao reportedly told police that the woman was his wife for five months and she has been "staying at other people's houses." The woman told police that Dao was an ex-boyfriend and jealous that she was "hanging out" with the man driving the car.

Dao was then arrested and charged with with two counts of aggravated assault and one count of reckless conduct. About an hour after he was arrested, the report said the woman contacted police and recanted her wishes to prosecute him. But police told her the case would be prosecuted under the Family Violence Act.

Dao was released on Saturday on $33,600 bond, according to Gwinnett jail records.