Political newcomer wins Loganville Council race

LOGANVILLE -- Political newcomer Jay Boland won his first election on Tuesday in a Loganville special election voter with turnout that was extremely low.

Boland defeated Chuck Bagley 167-116 in a City Council race, while unopposed mayoral candidate Dan Curry collected 237 votes. Curry was vice mayor before Ray Nunley passed away in April after a battle with lung cancer.

Curry and Boland are expected to be sworn in at the July 11 council meeting.

On his Facebook page, Boland wrote that he thanked his family, friends and supporters.

"I have to take the kids out for some ice cream for the hard work they put in today," he wrote.

Curry said city officials are looking forward to the opening of a new town green this summer at the corner of Main and Pecan streets, and to make the city even more business-friendly.

Curry said he's recently talked with business owners, and a Loganville business advisory group has been established to share information. Officials have also talked with a theater group and restaurant groups in hopes that more traffic through the city could lead to quality growth, Curry said.

"As we begin to have more people drawn to our city, we can begin to fill in some of the voids on Main Street, like coffee shops, sandwich shops and office spaces," he said.

Curry said when you think of being mayor, you think differently, including deciding when it's time to "rally the troops."

Bagley, who has eight years of local government experience on the Walton County Commission and the Loganville City Council, congratulated Boland on his victory. Bagley lamented the unofficial turnout of about 5 percent of voters.

"That's where it lies: 94.9 percent didn't bother," he said.

Bagley also said he lost about three weeks of campaign time because he had cancer cut out of his face.

Bagley said he would do lobbying where possible, and he's aware of the August qualifying dates. But he added, "there are more important things in life than running for city council."


kevin 2 years, 1 month ago

At last. A place that doesn't re-elect its politicians. Congrats to you folks.


Karl 2 years, 1 month ago

"...while unopposed mayoral candidate Dan Curry collected 237 votes. Curry was vice mayor before..."


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