City holds public hearing on proposed budget

PEACHTREE CORNERS -- Residents of the city of Peachtree Corners spoke at a public hearing on the proposed FY2014 budget during Tuesday's city council meeting.

The budget proposed has the city spending $3.8 million this year, up $1.1 million from the city's first year.

In potential revenue, the city expects $3,820,800, including $1,806,800 from business license fees and $1,823,000 in general property taxes.

"We're happy with the current budget," Mayor Mike Mason told those in attendance.

However, some in attendance weren't pleased with what is proposed, especially when it came to the expenditures.

"Every penny of funding for this city comes from a citizen or a business," resident Ali Stinson said. "We're concerned that the city budget has increased. Every penny is precious."

The biggest category is general operations, which has a budget of $1,978,650, including $938,000 for contractual services, including code enforcement.

According to a letter detailing budget highlights by City Manager Julian Jackson, the budget includes an additional 3.2 outsourced positions, primarily in the area of code enforcement.

"I haven't heard of any complaints in terms of a backlog of code enforcement," resident Mim Harris said. "If there's no backlog, why do we need extra people?"

Jackson also highlighted the city's purchase of 20.606 acres along Peachtree Parkway. The property allowed for the city to create a downtown development authority and cost the city $11.5 million. The property will eventually be sold.

Other highlights in the budget by department include:

-- City council: $111,611

-- City clerk: $123,650-- City manager: $261,459-- Legal services: $225,000-- Community development: $261,080

Included in that is $382,319 in salary and $62,208 in retirement benefits for the city's three full-time employees.

"What will stop you guys from spending more money?" resident Minh Quan said. "Last year, it was $2.7 million and this year it's $3.8 million. What will it be next year?"

"We understand there were startup costs associated with last year," Harris said, "but there are no startup costs this year, so why the almost 50 percent increase? I challenge you to consider where you can cut the budget."

The council was unable to vote on the budget according to Georgia law, but will take a vote at its next meeting on July 2.

The council also approved the following:-- The approval of AV Tech Services to outfit the city council chambers with audio-visual equipment at a cost of $44,772.78.-- The approval to contact Gwinnett County and let them know the city will take over sanitation services beginning Jan. 1.


HonestIngine 2 years, 2 months ago

We knew this was going to cost money, but come on this is getting crazy. Have not noticed anything different except the mayor, city managers, council are all on the payroll at the citizens expenses. Election of new representatives can't come soon enough.


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