6 accused of fraudulent unemployment benefits

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Department of Labor recently issued arrest warrants for several Gwinnett residents, accusing them of milking the unemployment system for a collective $54,000.

Henry Small, 66, of Lawrenceville was among six local suspects charged by the state for allegedly collecting improper benefits by misrepresenting their incomes. Small reportedly received a healthy amount of unemployment insurance he was "not eligible to receive" after he "incorrectly reported his or her earnings."

"Therefore (he) was paid benefits which were not entitled in the unpaid balance of $20,9011," according to warrants.

In separate cases, five other Gwinnett residents have been charged for allegedly working the system for various sums of unemployment benefit:

-- Patrice L. Bowles, 51, of Snellville; $10,276

-- Cassandra Johnson, 46, of Snellville; $9,827

-- Doreen Cooper, 47, of Snellville; $5,960

-- De'Angela Conrad, 32, of Norcross; $4,890

-- Ellaree Gist, 32, of Norcross; $2,144Cases involved the improper use of federal additional compensation, state extended benefits and unemployment insurance.