Man arrested after he crashes into gas pump

LILBURN -- A man was arrested Friday evening after his Nissan Pathfinder lost control and crashed into a gas pump at a CITGO station on Lawrenceville Highway and James Road, according to a witness.

The accident happened about 7:30 p.m. and was something gas station attendant Nelson Thomas said was crazy.

"He was driving in and lost control, hitting the gas pump," Thomas said. "There was a lady in her car (Toyota Corolla) who was in the passenger seat and she ran from the car screaming. Next thing you know there was a loud crash when the pump fell on her car and there was fire."

The fire reached the ceiling portion of the covering over the gas pumps.

"I immediately hit the emergency shutoff for all the gas pumps and turned off all electrical stuff inside as I dialed 911," Thomas said. "The man in the Pathfinder fled on foot. I saw there was no tag on the vehicle, either."

Authorities later caught up with the man and arrested him.

As of press time, his name was unavailable.

It was unclear as to why the driver lost control or fled on foot.

According to Thomas, this isn't the first time this situation happened, although he admitted Friday's event was worse.

"The same thing happened last year, only on the other pump," he said. "It could be due to the lack of lighting, but this isn't the first time this has happened."