Police: Woman uses Toys 'R' Us baby registry in string of thefts

Peggy Sue Shipley

Peggy Sue Shipley

BUFORD -- A Lawrenceville woman who claimed to return several purchases to her daughter's baby registry from a Toys 'R' Us store was arrested last week after a store manager told police she never bought the items.

The string of alleged thefts happened between March 24 and May 23 and included five items that ranged from $71 to $354.18 and totaled $949.86. Peggy Sue Shipley, 43, was booked on five misdemeanor charges of theft by deception on Wednesday, and released on Thursday on a $6,500 bond.

This is the third shoplifting-related arrest for Shipley since 2007, Gwinnett jail records show.

A Gwinnett County Police report said Shipley would return items not bought at the store, which is at 3480 Financial Center Way in Buford, then put them on a valid baby registry. To obtain store credit, Shipley told a cashier that her daughter was on bed rest and unable to return the items herself.

Store surveillance video captured each incident, and a manager told police that the investigation is ongoing and there were likely more thefts to be discovered.

Visited at her home by a Gwinnett police officer, Shipley told the officer that the returns were valid, and she couldn't explain why she entered the store empty-handed on one trip and managed to return items. She also told the officer that her daughter wasn't on bed rest.

Shipley told the officer that when she returned the items, a receipt would contain store credit, but a store manager told police that the policy is that store credit could only be redeemed by gift card.

When she was taken to the jail, deputies found three Xanax pills that Shipley said were prescribed to her, and she planned to take while in jail. But after she was told the pills couldn't be taken into the jail, she told deputies to destroy the pills.


suedehead 2 years, 2 months ago

I guess she figured if she was going to jail, she might as well be a little faded.


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