Online service set up to stop return visits to driver's license office

ATLANTA -- The Georgia Department of Driver Services has expanded its online offerings, allowing people to provide additional residency information and/or Social Security information online rather than returning to an often-crowded office.

"I applaud Commissioner Rob Mikell and the entire DDS team for initiating this time-saving customer service feature while ensuring Georgia continues to produce one of the most secure licenses in the country," Gov. Nathan Deal said in announcing the service Friday. "Our citizens deserve to have the highest degree of safety measures in place to safeguard their identity, and DDS is committed to achieving that goal in a customer-friendly manner and in compliance with federal regulations."

As part of the new SecureID Program, which requires several forms of documentation to reach Homeland Security standards, many Georgia license or ID holders were being forced to return to a DDS with more information before a permanent license or ID is issued. According to a press release,a bout 20 percent of renewal customers had to return for a second visit to show two proofs of address along with identity and Social Security number documentation.

"The summer months are historically a very busy time at DDS's customer service centers," Mikell said. "These additional online services will save many customers a return visit and, in turn, will help us manage the additional demand."

To submit their documentation, customers may access the caption "SecureID: Submit proof of residency or Social Security" from the DDS homepage, the release said. With the service's priority in maintaining security, customer's must create or logon to an existing DDS account.

Then, select the "gold star" icon titled "SecureID: Submit proof of residency or Social Security." Customers can review the status of pending documentation and are instructed how to upload the required information. Directions to fax or mail the additional residency or Social Security information are also provided, the release said.

When the information is processed and a permanent card is mailed, customers will be alerted with a follow-up email. The license or ID card should be received within two weeks of the email.

For more information visit www.dds.ga.gov or check the DDS facebook page.