Cops looking for man in attempted abduction at church

LILBURN -- Police in Lilburn are on the lookout, and checking with nearby agencies, for a man a mother said tried to coerce her 10-year-old daughter into a gray Dodge Charger.

The man, described as a black male in his mid-30s, medium complexion with freckles wearing a gold wedding band, black shirt, blue jeans and black, red and gray Jordan sneakers. A partial tag on the vehicle is PF6999. Lilburn Police Capt. Tom Bardugon said the man spoke to the girl on Saturday while she roller bladed in the parking lot of the First Baptist Church.

The man said to the girl, according to Bardugon, "You're real pretty; you could be a model. My car's real fast; do you want to race?"

The incident allegedly happened at about 7:40 p.m.

A Lilburn Police incident report said the man opened his car door and asked her to get in. The girl's mother, meanwhile, walked toward the man's car, and when he noticed her coming, he drove away.

The mother and daughter then left the parking lot at the corner of Young Street and Pine Street, but then noticed the same gray car at a Shell gas station at the corner of Rockbridge Road and Lilburn Stone Mountain Road. The daughter then pointed out the man to her mother, and as the man saw the vehicle coming, he attempted to shield his face with his hand, then sped off toward Lilburn, the report said.

The mother captured partial tag information on the vehicle, and also told police that the Charger had no tint, but shiny wheels.

Bardugon said his department is working on a couple leads, but did not elaborate on any details.