Dacula leaders move forward on gravity sewer project

DACULA — City Council members voted Thursday to award the bid for the city's gravity sewer project to Strickland and Sons Pipeline Inc. in the amount of $556,372. Bids for the project were opened on May 23, according to City Administrator Jim Osborn. The sewer lines that will be run are 18 inches in diameter, not the previously planned smaller pipe. Gwinnett County will participate in paying part of the cost to run the larger pipelines.

Phase One of the project will include sewer lines along Hopkins Creek to Lakeside Drive. "This is one of the most important votes we've ever taken in the city," Councilman Hubert Wells said.

The gravity sewer project has been on the drawing board in Dacula for many years, and Thursday's action was the culmination of the efforts of the current city council and several past councils.

"If we didn't do this, the city of Dacula simply couldn't grow any more," Wells said.

Parade volunteer honored

Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks presented Marvin Atherton with an engraved trophy Thursday, thanking Atherton for his 20 years of volunteering his service for the city's Memorial Day Parade. Wilbanks said Thursday, which marked the 69th anniversary of D-Day, was an appropriate day on which to honor Atherton.

"The parade is not about me. It's about the veterans," Atherton said before thanking the city for its support of veterans on Memorial Day and throughout the year.

Home-schooled student graduates

Jeremiah Siska, a home-schooled student, graduated high school on Thursday. Wilbanks read a prepared commencement speech for Siska, then presented the young man with his high school diploma.

"You will be presented with many choices in life," Wilbanks told Siska in his heartfelt coments. "Choose wisely."

Siska has chosen to go into the entertainment industry, and has been awarded honors and scholarships to help him accomplish his goal of being an actor. He graduated with honors cords and stoles in several subjects.

Hebron High School students recognized

Several high school student volunteers in Hebron Church's high school ministry were publicly recognized during Thursday's City Council meeting. The students walked throughout the city, placing stormwater markers on drains as part of a citywide initiative to comply with state and federal water management regulations.