Court clerk warns of 'jury scam'

LAWRENCEVILLE — Gwinnett’s clerk of courts is warning local residents about the resurgence of a years-old scam.

Richard Alexander, the clerk of Gwinnett’s superior, state and magistrate courts, recently posted a notice on GwinnettCourts.com regarding a “jury scam” that he said is being perpetrated across the nation and “has been a problem in some parts of Georgia.”

“You may receive a phone call or text message notifying you that you have missed jury duty and that you should immediately call the telephone number provided,” the notice said. “The text further directs the recipient to call the number to pay a fine. THIS COMMUNICATION IS A BOGUS NOTICE.”

A Better Business Bureau spokeswoman said the technique had “been around for a few years now” and that the typical goal of the scammer was to obtain personal information like credit card or Social Security numbers. Typically aimed toward seniors, criminals often benefit from an eagerness to get the “confusion” resolved under the threat of arrest.

Alexander told the Daily Post that he didn’t believe such a scheme had been reported yet in Gwinnett, but that it had occurred in some parts of the state and been discussed in superior court clerk circles. Nobody from the county would address potential jurors in the nature typical in the scam, he stressed.

“We would contact jurors via telephone but, when we do, the respective staff member will identify themselves,” the notice said. “Our automatic telephonic messaging system provides notices to jurors concerning status of cases and appearances. If you are asked to call the office, the telephone number provided will be 770-822-8567 or the main Gwinnett County switchboard number 770-822-8000.”


kevin 2 years, 2 months ago

I am sure the scammers who called are also identifying themselves, with a fake name of course. they found a loophole since the county calls folks also.


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