LETTERS: No reason to wait on teaching students life skills

I enjoyed reading about the Gwinnett county deputy who is helping kids “caught in the middle” with criminal activities (“The right path,” July 28 1c). But why are we waiting to teach kids these skills until after they get in trouble?

Interview skills, decision-making, teamwork, and professional dressing are valuable skills applicable to teens from all walks of life — not just those who have strayed from the right path. I know at my school, the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, we have an extensive internship program beginning the freshman year and working all the way up to graduation. Such classes are required and teach skills similar to what the deputy teaches.

I know that other schools do not have such programs, but they would be valuable additions to the curriculum. Such schools already participate in drug and bullying awareness campaigns, so why not add a job readiness program to that arsenal?

There are also many other non-profit organizations that do not require an alternative sentence to enroll in them. Gwinnett Student Leadership Team is one of them that is open to any and all Gwinnett county students. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts also incorporate such things into their regimen, as well as provide positive adult influences for the kids.

While reforming juveniles before they get into more trouble is a great and noble task, these skills are important to all people; more students should take advantage of existing programs that do not require an alternative sentence.

Gordon Clark, Sugar Hill