Report of dog stuck in storm drain turns up empty

Gwinnett firefighters responded to a report of a dog stuck in a storm drain in Norcross on Friday night.

According to Cpt. Tommy Rutledge, crews were initially at the scene off Balboa Court on Friday along with police and an animal welfare officer. They were unable to see or detect anything viable at the time. Due to approaching darkness, firefighters abandoned their efforts until daylight on Saturday.

"The Gwinnett Fire Technical Rescue Team responded to the scene this morning to assist in checking the culvert pipe," Rutledge said. "Firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to check for a heat signature within the pipe at various points."

Rutledge said they saw no signs of an animal in the pipe and there were no heat signatures that would indicate the presence of a body.

"The sounds are now believed to have been an echo from some type of animal or insect nearby that were heard coming from the culvert," Rutledge said.

"This was pretty much a good intent call from a concerned citizen," he said.

Rutledge said that this was not a "wasted call" and that the firefighters benefit anytime they can use their tools and equipment in different settings.

"All fire department resources at the scene remained in-service throughout the incident and were available to respond to other emergencies if needed," Rutledge said.