Man accused of taking 'upskirt' photo at grocery store

Nicholas McGhie

Nicholas McGhie

SNELLVILLE — Authorities believe Nicholas McGhie went to a grocery store on Centerville Highway with something more sinister than potato chips on his mind.

Arrest warrants issued this week charge the 28-year-old with peeping tom, a felony. According to incident reports, he visited the Publix store at 3550 Centerville Highway in unincorporated Snellville, spotted his target and took “upskirt” photos of the woman’s groin.

The 32-year-old Atlanta woman told Gwinnett County police she was browsing the chip selection when McGhie approached her.

“She said that a male came up to her and asked her to move forward so that he could pass behind her,” one report said. “She said that she did but that she noticed the male seemed to have stopped behind her. She said that she glanced over her shoulder and saw that he was using his cell phone to take a picture up her skirt.”

Leaving the aisle, the woman went to the front of the store and asked for police to be called. She was ultimately able to give authorities a description of her harasser (to be used with the store’s surveillance footage), as well as a partial license plate for the “small, unmarked white minivan” she saw him get into.

Using the partial tag number, a detective was able to narrow down a list of possible matches to “three or four” vehicles, based on similar vehicle descriptions and address proximity to the incident location. The officer then compared driver’s license photos to those showing the assailant leaving Publix.

McGhie was determined to be the suspect.

“The suspect denied intentionally taking a photograph of the victim but eventually admitted that he may have ‘accidentally’ taken a photo of her,” police said. “He claimed to carry his cell phone in his hand whenever he’s out in public and may have mistakenly taken a picture of her when he stopped behind her.”

No incriminating photos were found on McGhie’s phone.

Gwinnett County jail records showed McGhie had not been arrested as of Friday afternoon.


pcjohn 2 years, 2 months ago

Straight forward and very effective police work. Nice job, detective.


mrbigt 2 years, 2 months ago

Way to go lady for holding it all together long enough to get this sexual preditor exposed. I would be honored to shake your hand, we need more like you.


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