Former Snellville native on cast of 'All My Children'


Former Snellville native Heather Roop plays a coffee shop owner on "All My Children." She recently moved back to Georgia. (Photo: Lucas Rossi Photography)

ATLANTA — Heather Roop was bitten by the acting bug while attending Brookwood High School in the ’90s. Now, she works on “All My Children” as Jane McIntyre, the owner of a local coffee shop called Jane’s Addiction.

After living in Los Angeles and New York for many years, Roop moved back to Georgia last year.

“I missed my family and the beautiful trees, although we pay for it with the bugs,” she said with a laugh. “I actually missed the humidity — it’s good for our skin.”

At Brookwood, Roop was originally a pageant princess, but then her passion changed to acting.

“I used to compete in pageants with singing as a talent,” she said. “But when I auditioned, I fell in love with it. I found my community and I really enjoyed the artists. In high school, they put on the production of ‘Evita.’” I remember watching … and knew I wanted to do that.”

After graduation, Roop attended Valdosta State University to major in theater. From there, she began her career performing in national commercials and numerous national theater musical tours, including “Camelot” with Robert Goulet and “South Pacific” with John Cullum.

She has also been in the films “A Man is Mostly Water,” “Guns, Girls and Gambling” and “The Sacred,” which will be released in August.

Now the former Gwinnettian is on “All My Children,” which is shot in Connecticut for two to three weeks at a time.

Since this is Roop’s first soap opera, there were several new things to learn about the format, but one of her favorite things is that it is a three-camera medium.

“With three cameras you don’t have to think about the technicalities,” she said. “With the soap opera, they are able to find you and you can get lost in the performance. It’s all about being emotionally connected. A soap opera is very dialogue-driven.”

Roop hasn’t left the other formats behind though. In October, her latest flick, “Nothing Left to Fear,” will be released. It’s a horror story that follows a family that encounters an unstable holy man.

The funny thing is that Roop hates scary movies.

“When I read that script, it was terrifying. I don’t like horror movies,” she said. “The secret is you close your ears so you don’t hear that scary music. Without the music, you don’t know when the guy will jump out at you.”

What’s next for Roop? Reconnecting with the film industry in Atlanta.

“With my downtime, I’m getting into the film community here,” she said. “Actors can send auditions on tapes now, so you don’t need to live in New York or L.A. anymore.”

You can watch Roop in “All My Children,” which airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network, TOLN.com and Hulu.com. “Nothing Left to Fear” hits selected theaters on Oct. 4.