Parkview baseball coach spends summer traveling country

Parkview baseball coach Chan Brown is having a busy summer with USA Baseball. (File Photo)

Parkview baseball coach Chan Brown is having a busy summer with USA Baseball. (File Photo)

To say Chan Brown has had a busy summer might be an understatement.

The Parkview baseball coach can’t remember the last time he slept in his own bed.

Since June 10, he’s been on the road coaching baseball and it won’t end anytime soon. Brown left July 25 for Barranquilla, Columbia, to coach in the COPE Pan Am Games.

“Living out of a suitcase and being in hotels has been an experience,” Brown said. “Being away from my family has been the hardest part.”

Brown is used to travel with Parkview baseball during the summer, but not for such long stretches like he has this year. He usually takes Parkview, which won the 2011 and 2012 state championships, to three-day tournaments around the Southeast. It has been a different experience this year, being away from home for 10 or more days at a time.

“I’m very lucky to have the wife I have,” Brown said. “Not everyone gets this chance.”

Brown was on the road for 20 days in June in Fort Myers and Phoenix for the East and West Coast Championships. He and three other coaches had to choose from 2,500 players that tried out for the 40-man roster.

Brown came home on June 30 where he got to see his wife Teaneal and sons Cade, 8, and Beckett, 5, for the first time in three weeks. But he was on the road again, taking them to Amelia Island for vacation.

“They were happy to see me,” Brown said. “It was tough on my sons the first time I was gone.”

Brown headed to Cary, N.C., on July 10 to pare down the 40 selected players to be the 20 that will represent Team USA 15U squad at the Pan Am Games. Gainesville’s Johnathan Gettys was the only player from Georgia to make the team that includes players from California, Texas and Florida.

“It’s cool to see and hear the different styles of baseball,” Brown said. “It’s been a great experience from a personal and professional standpoint.”

Brown will spend 10 days in Colombia where Team USA has a good chance of bringing home a gold medal in the tournament.

“I think the coolest part of the whole deal is that I get to represent our country,” Brown said. “I get to wear USA across my chest.”

Brown’s summer won’t be over when he returns to the U.S. He comes back on Aug. 5 and will hop on a plane to San Diego where he will be the head coach for the East Team in the Perfect Game All-American game. He’ll at least have some familiar company with Parkview pitcher Mac Marshall playing in the game.

“It’s something I’ll treasure for a long time to come,” Brown said.