In six months, 370 requests and grievances filed by Kramer

Ed Kramer

Ed Kramer

LAWRENCEVILLE — In the six months since becoming a Gwinnett County inmate once again, Ed Kramer has filed two grievances against the sheriff’s office — per day.

Friday marked exactly 180 days since Kramer, the co-founder of sci-fi convention Dragon*Con, was extradited back to Gwinnett to face child molestation charges he’s avoided trial on for more than a decade. Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Deputy Shannon Volkodav said that, over that time period, Kramer had filed approximately 370 “inmate requests, pre-grievances and grievances.”

That averages out to more than two filings every day, and plenty of work for sheriff’s department personnel.

“Edward Kramer is the highest maintenance inmate that I recall having in the 17 years that I’ve been sheriff,” Sheriff Butch Conway said.

Kramer’s complaints have been filed for alleged religious, medical and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) issues, Volkodov said.

Kramer has delayed trial since the original charges were filed in 2000, partly because of a constant flow of medical complaints and requests for special accommodations in the courtroom. His January booking sheet showed him wearing a neck brace and an oxygen tube. He arrived at (and departed early from) an April bond hearing in a wheelchair with the aforementioned tube pumping oxygen through his nose.

At the same hearing, a witness testified to seeing a spry Kramer lugging a heavy camera around. District Attorney Danny Porter has contended that Kramer’s ailments are greatly exaggerated.

“The court could reasonably lead itself to the conclusion that the only time Mr. Kramer is physically in distress is when he’s facing the consequences of this case,” Porter said in April. “And frankly I wouldn’t put it past him at this point to be doing something to himself to create these symptoms.”

Porter is currently awaiting for the defense to return with the results of a medical exam meant to determine Kramer’s fitness for trial. He said last week he expects a hearing on the matter in early August.

Kramer, 52, has also filed complaints stemming from his practice of Orthodox Judaism. He’s typically seen wearing large yamulkes during court proceedings.

Attorney Brian Steel declined comment, saying he represented Kramer only in his criminal case. He directed questions to McNeill Stokes, another attorney. Messages left with Stokes were not returned.

Quantifying the financial impact of Kramer’s large quantity of filings is difficult, but each request or grievance must, by law, be reviewed by sheriff’s department personnel.


Kat 2 years, 2 months ago

What a waste of resouces. If he was as sick as he claims he would have kicked the bucket by now. If only victims had as many rights as inmates.


kevin 2 years, 2 months ago

That's what human rights does for taxpayers.


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