LETTERS: Obama's speech hits home about our fears

There may be something good to come out of the Zimmerman-Martin affair in Flordia yet. It was the cause for President Obama to give the extraordinary speech he gave last Friday.

He did not come striding out confidently or aggressively as usual, but he spoke off the cuff with a degree of humilty to an international audience about how he could identify with a 17-year-old kid walking down a dark street on his way to the security of his home. Here was the most powerful man on earth confessing his fear of the events he faces and has faced in life.

At his command he has access to a vast arrangement of devices and people to protect him, but he still knows how fear can control you. Zimmerman and Martin exemplify the fears we all feel in our lives. We are surrounded by things that threaten us and we trust very little. Yet we have a God that has promised to be with us in our fears, if we trust Him.

Our forefathers knew this and gave us the motto: “In God we trust” as a way to handle our fears. But we have discarded that motto and now have nothing we can surely trust. So we’re afraid.

We can thank Obama for bringing that into the discussion whether he intended to or not. And thank God for still being our ultimate source of trust.

Robbie Parker, Sugar Hill