LETTER: A reminder to buy American

As we gear up for school shopping let me urge buyers to purchase American-made products. Look for the “Made in America” label.

More stores are catering to the made in America requests. Loganville’s local country store now carries a line of men’s jeans with a tag stating “100% made in America.” Sure, they cost a few dollars more, but it provides a job and keeps our money here. Working Americans will buy cars and houses and we’ll all benefit from their employment.

And when you buy a car, buy American. Not one made here by a foreign-owned company whose profits go to their country, and not kept here to enrich our lives. And certainly not a car made overseas and shipped here.

More people are coming to their senses and realizing how many jobs are created with one American car purchase. It’s a pebble thrown into a pool with an ever-widening circle of jobs and progress. We can turn the unemployment around, one purchase at the time.

Betty Stephens, Monroe