Mosquito sprayings continue in Sugar Hill

SUGAR HILL —Sugar Hill will finish its second round of mosquito sprayings this week before finishing its yearly attempt to quell the pest’s populations next month.

Each year, the city of Sugar Hill sprays environmentally safe, EPA-registered insecticides to control and reduce the mosquito population within the city. An attempt to prevent discomfort and mosquito-borne illnesses, the sprayings begin just after midnight for several days.

“The mosquito spray will accomplish its work overnight, and the next morning, when the sun comes up, the chemicals are rendered harmless but the process of killing the mosquitoes has taken place,” the city said in a news release.

The first round of this year’s efforts were in June. The second round began last week and covered streets and subdivisions north of Ga. Highway 20; it will be completed Monday through Friday and cover streets and subdivisions south of Ga. Highway 20.

The third round of insecticide will be applied August 12 through 23.

For more information, visit cityofsugarhill.com