Experienced college students offer advice to newcomers

Jonathan Charles

Jonathan Charles


Elease Dillard


Leigh Ann Goolsby

LAWRENCEVILLE — A little academic advice from a sophomore at Georgia Gwinnett College:

“Procrastination is your worst enemy.”

Nineteen-year-old Leigh Ann Goolsby and several other students at the local institution chimed in on what they said was some of the best advice they could offer to incoming freshman at GGC or any other college or university.

“When you get an assignment, go ahead and knock it out,” said Goolsby, a business administration major.

Elease Dillard, a 20-year-old junior at GGC said new students should “definitely keep academics as their top-priority. It is possible to have a social life and keep your classes as a priority.”

Dillard, who is majoring in cellular biology with a concentration in biotechnology, said before she attended GGC she had always “envisioned college as a place where professors were really strict, and it wouldn’t be fun. But my professors have proved me wrong. They’ve been great…so nice and helpful.”

She added that in college it’s easier to “be yourself. In high school, there are lots more social pressures, but in college you can be yourself and nobody cares. I’ve seen people here on campus riding around on unicycles, for instance.”

Jonathan Charles, an 18-year-old GGC student, said students should “stay focused and get a good feel for it.”

Added Charles: “It’s all on you now. The teachers aren’t going to call your parents if you don’t do your homework, and if you don’t do your homework you fail the class. That’s all there is to it. You have to be serious about your education to succeed in college. So take it seriously.”

Website www.gacollege411.org offers advice on college entry as well as a timeline of what to expect: secure.gacollege411.org/College_Planning/Prepare_for_College/_default.aspx