Basketball isn't only love for Williams

If basketball is Lou Williams’ No. 1 pursuit, then music is 1A.

He has released a handful of songs in recent years, though that has slowed down a bit lately. More music is on the way, but when it will become public has yet to be determined.

“I’ve been doing music since before basketball,” the Atlanta Hawks guard and South Gwinnett grad said. “I always kept it to myself. It was a hobby. But it got to the point where we were spending so much time and money and effort, bringing in real artists who make money from music, and they said, ‘Listen man, we’re not going to help you if you’re not going to release it.’

“So we started to kick out a little music and we realized people were interested in it. Now we’re trying to figure out a way to put it out and I can still keep it to myself. It’s a fine balance. We try to sneak little things out. Some of my real fans know where to find the music. Everybody on the outside looking in, they kind of have to wait until we tell them.”

A quick search on YouTube will lead to some of Williams’ efforts as a rapper.

The releases include “I Want It All,” a collaboration with Meek Mill and “Break From Myself” with K. Michelle. He also joins Meek Mill and 2 Chainz on “Problem.” Other credits that are easy to locate online are “Imma Boss-Freestyle” and “Slow It Down.”

That’s just a brief glimpse into the high-scoring guard’s music career.

“One of my good friends started his own label and we’ve got three acts signed,” Williams said. ” I help him on the outside because I love music. I look forward to seeing what happens with that.”

As for his own music?

“I have over 200 songs recorded, so any time I want to put something out there it’s already done,” Williams said.