FILM FANS: "Grown Ups 2" just as disappointing as the first

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1 star out of 4

Not that the initial installment was a success, but since when has that critical hint prevented a sequel? "Grown Ups 2" humiliates the same acting cast of "Grown Ups," with Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Kevin James and David Spade. Independently, this cast is capable of better humor, but this movie was not only not funny or even entertaining; it was pointless and relied on an overdose of bodily functions' attempt at humor. Belching, farting, wetting oneself, pooping along with a prank played to look like poop, and barfing are just some of the efforts to drag out a chuckle from disjointed scene to disjointed scene.

The movie was basically an attempt of friends living back together in the same hometown they were born and raised in, which allowed for childhood and high school memories relived with the same townsfolk.

I went into the theater with very low expectations, which proved correct. Typically for even average movies I might recommend matinee viewings or even Redbox, depending on the entertainment level, but I don't recommend seeing this at any price.

— Cathryn Veal,