Cops: Man armed with AK-47 during rape, assault

Stephen Leonard Wilson

Stephen Leonard Wilson


According to court records, Stephen Leonard Wilson was acquitted of rape and aggravated assault on June 24, 2014. He was convicted of misdemeanor battery and sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to pay fines and fees of $1,430.


NORCROSS -- A Norcross woman's birthday celebration took a heinous turn last week when an acquaintance allegedly force fed her drugs, beat her and raped her while holding an assault rifle.

According to a Gwinnett County police report, the alleged victim, 33, and Stephen Leonard Wilson began the evening of July 4 at a club in DeKalb County to celebrate her birthday. While there, Wilson met a friend who "had a conversation with him" about the alleged victim -- he reportedly turned hostile afterward, accusing the woman of sleeping with another man.

Wilson then put cocaine and ecstasy in the woman's glass, forcing her to drink up.

"He told her, 'If you want to go home, you will drink this,'" the police report said.

Wilson allegedly hit the woman several times and drove her to the parking lot of her apartment on Park Colony Drive. Things only got worse from there, police said.

"Mr. Wilson got out of his car, went to the trunk and pulled out an AK-47 assault rifle and then got back in the car," authorities said. After allegedly hitting the victim in the face with the butt of the gun, he began raping her in the front seat.

"She asked him why he was doing this and tried to get him to stop," police said.

Wilson, reportedly a self-proclaimed "big drug dealer" with gold teeth, was taken into custody on Thursday. Gwinnett County jail records show he is being held without bond on charges of rape, aggravated assault and aggravated battery.


notblind 2 years, 2 months ago

BRO !!! Show us yo grillz !!


Gundoctor1 2 years, 2 months ago

"Big drug dealer" you are about to find out what "big" really means in prison boy, and it aint about drugs... Wonder how long it will take those "big boys" in prison to remove his grill to make him a "smooth mouth" for them???


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