New contractors cutting the grass along Gwinnett roads

Staff Photo: Camie Young — Scott Meadows of ACS mows the median along Old Peachtree Road, as part of a county landscaping contract.

Staff Photo: Camie Young — Scott Meadows of ACS mows the median along Old Peachtree Road, as part of a county landscaping contract.

LAWRENCEVILLE — If summer showers are giving you trouble on keeping up with mowing your lawn this year, just imagine keeping up with 200 miles of road right of way.

Gwinnett commissioners turned to two contractors last month, after one landscaping firm couldn’t keep up with the work.

While attempts to contact TruGreen Landcare have not been successful, officials terminated the contract, after workers got behind schedule just one month after job. During a meeting, officials gave the company until May 31 to get back on track, but the company failed to meet the deadline.

Last month, the county turned to North Georgia Landscape and ACS Landscape, dividing the work since the two had taken other jobs after the county bid was given to TruGreen Landcare in February.

“The rain is having an effect on the number of available mowing days, but our two new contactors are making adjustments to their schedules and resources to meet our needs to date,” Transportation Director Kim Conroy said.

While the new contractors had bid higher prices, Conroy said TruGreen Landcare will be responsible for the $17,000 difference, a consequence of being terminated with cause.

As part of its regular maintenance, Gwinnett’s major four-lane and two-lane roads are on an alternating schedule. The cycles vary from every two weeks to every six weeks.

The state DOT is in charge of interstates and the highest volume state routes, spokeswoman Teri Pope said. A contractor takes care of Interstates 85 and 985 and Ga. Highway 316, while state maintenance crews are responsible for other state routes.

“GDOT crews mow twice a year during as a general rule. We will go in and strategically cut grass as needed when it becomes a hazard to drivers, gets too tall for drivers to see oncoming traffic,” Pope said. “The rain has made it harder to keep it mowed because it grows so quickly and we don’t have days without rain to work.”


hangdogs 2 years, 2 months ago

Who is in charge of mowing Reagan? How about all of the other landscape on that road. I occasionally see the prisoners doing the work and other times it is a contractor but there doesn't seem to be any coordinated effort.


SurelyNot 2 years, 2 months ago

Good question! Last year the landscaper did part of it, then missed a huge part of it around Bethesda Rd exit and then did some more...crazy. A small problem in today's world, but noticeable if you drive it every day. Reagan has been an interesting drive ever since it opened...bike trails, then no bike trails, nice plants along middle, then taken out up around Eastside...nice plantings, then no attention to them....thought there was an design and plan when it was built to be a "parkway"... it was "sold" to the public as a "parkway" and that it would be taken care of.


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