Snellville grants permit for Eastside helicopter

SNELLVILLE -- City leaders granted a conditional-use permit Monday to Atlanta Healthcare Management, LP, which allows for a hangar, a short runway and a helipad at Eastside Medical Center. The emergency air evacuation helicopter will allow medical professionals to transport critically ill or injured patients to and from the hospital much faster than was possible without the copter. The permit applies to the vacant 1.084 acres located at 1700 Medical Way in Snellville.

"This (action) will allow them to have one helicopter based here (at Eastside Medical Center)," Planning and Development Director Jon Davis said.

Millage rate passed

The millage rate for the upcoming 2013-14 fiscal year in Snellville is 4.9, a slight reduction from last year. This is the third year in a row that the city has reduced the millage rate.

Variance request extended

The owner of the property located at 2508 East Main St. has been granted a one-time-only extension of variances for a 12 month period beginning July 8. During that 12 months, the owner is to work with the city in putting together a package of all variances that allow the small rock house and surrounding property to remain "in commerce."

The variances were originally granted in October 2009 and were inadvertently allowed to expire in 2012, according to Davis.

A local HVAC contractor will occupy the building. No parking or storage of vehicles will be allowed on the property, with the exception of technicians picking up and dropping off paperwork.

Patriot Guard Riders recognized

Council members passed a resolution Monday honoring the Patriot Guard Riders, a national group of motorcycle enthusiasts who honor fallen U.S. military personnel. Councilman Bobby Howard said, "It's not just about a ride. It's something they take very seriously."

In Snellville and surrounding cities, the Patriot Guard Riders have participated in events that honor local military members when returning home from duty, whether injured or deceased. Riders also participated in the city's recent Flag Day celebration.