GOOD NEWS: Local student completes marine science program

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. -- A Collins Hill High School student recently traveled to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab on Dauphin Island, Ala., to participate in a monthlong residential high school marine science course.

While there, Devyn Hallett lived on campus and participated in more than 150 hours of supervised academic activities.

During the program, students were introduced to the field of marine science through a variety of disciplines. Many aspects of the class were highly academic, including lectures, group and individual projects and presentations. While in class, the students studied topics like plankton, oceanography, salt marsh ecology, marine botany and marine vertebrates and invertebrates.

In addition to the classroom coursework, the group used the surrounding ecosystem on the barrier island for hands-on field experiences. Activities included beach profiling, reef fishing and trawling aboard the DISL's 65-foot research vessel, The R/V Alabama Discovery, to observe and identify local species. The group also took a trip to the New Orleans Aquarium and went snorkeling in the seagrass beds of Panama City, Fla., a highlight of the course.

According to a news release from DISL, the students gained "extensive knowledge from their time and solidified their interest in marine science. In addition, the group left DISL with amazing stories, memories and friends to last a lifetime."

For more information about the sea lab, visit www.disl.org.

Frank Reddy writes about education. Good News from Schools appears in the Sunday edition of the Daily Post.