BUIs, DUIs down for Independence Day

LAWRENCEVILLE -- By land and by sea, a rainy Fourth of July apparently means fewer (alleged) drunks behind the wheel.

According to statistics compiled by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, nothing happened on Lake Lanier during Thursday's holiday, typically a busy day for both law-abiding and rule-flaunting boaters: There were zero boating under the influence arrests, zero drownings, zero boating incidents, zero incident-related injuries and zero fatalities.

Overall, only two BUIs and two incidents were reported on Georgia's lakes. No deaths, drowning or otherwise, were recorded.

It was a similar story on Gwinnett's roadways early in the long holiday weekend. Between 6 p.m. Wednesday (the same start time Georgia State Patrol uses for its stats) and early Friday morning, Gwinnett County jail logs showed a total of 16 arrests for driving under the influence.

By comparison, the same time period last week, a "normal" Wednesday and Thursday, saw 14 DUI arrests inside county lines.

While the week's heavy rain -- about 2 inches worth, according to LawrencevilleWeather.com -- no doubt contributed to the low totals, state and local law enforcement also launched publicly announced crackdowns. In addition to the GSP's efforts and last week's "Operation Drywater" by DNR, the legal blood-alcohol content for boaters has also been decreased to 0.08.