Winder replacing meter reading system

WINDER -- City Utilities Director Roger Wilhelm said Tuesday that his department is in the process of replacing the natural gas and water meter reading system used in Winder. Radio transceivers called Smart Points, which convey meter readings wirelessly, are being installed in phases throughout Barrow County.

The new meters will store readings for every 15 minutes, then once every 4 hours individual customer data is transmitted to a secure computer server. Customer bills will not increase as a result of installation of the new service. The meters are designed to fail in favor of the customer rather than the utility, according to printed information the city utility department is distributing to customers.

The move has been implemented to save the city money over time, as human meter readers will no longer have to travel from property to property to record utility usage.

Firefighters soon to receive EMT certification

Fire chief Matt Whiting said Tuesday that firefighters from his department are in the final week of their emergency medical technician training, which will come to a close a the end of next week. Once the testing is complete at the end of July, Whiting expects to have 36 EMT-certified firefighters on staff. "We're very proud of this," Whiting said.

Budget Billing to be implemented

Effective Aug. 1, "Average Average Monthly Payments," otherwise known as Budget Billing, will be implemented for all city of Winder utility customers, for both gas and water usage. This plan uses the most recent 12 months of bills to determine each monthly payment, with payments not to exceed a recommended of 5 percent each month.


kevin 2 years, 3 months ago

Funny that when these new easy "smart" meters are installed the utility company doesn't drop the price they charge to read the meter! It will be less man hours to do the same job. Go figure!


Why_not 2 years, 3 months ago

I have never seen a specific charge for "meter reading" on any utility bill. Maybe they are targeting you Kelvin.


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