Several cities postpone fireworks shows

UPDATE (9 a.m.): Duluth announced today that its fireworks show along the Chattahoochee River has been cancelled. The fireworks will be rescheduled to follow the Duluth Fall Festival concert featuring Rupert's Orchestra on September 14th.

UPDATE: Snellville announced late Tuesday that the 'Star-Spangled Snellville' event was postponed until Aug. 31.


With inclement weather predicted for Wednesday and Thursday, the cities of Liburn and Sugar Hill have elected to postpone their fireworks displays until a later time.

Lilburn's Sparkle in the Park event has been rescheduled for Sunday, Sept. 1 during Labor Day Weekend, the city announced on Tuesday. The event is held at Lilburn City Park. More details will be available at www.cityoflilburn.com.

Sugar Hill's Sparks in the Park event, which included bands and was scheduled for July 3, has been rescheduled for Aug. 3.

"The forecast is for severe weather, therefore our concern for the safety of our citizens and performers has forced us to make this decision," said a press release sent by the city. "We did not take this decision lightly. ... With predicted rain and thunderstorms we faced the possibility of a large crowd without adequate shelter or a small wet crowd for a very expensive show."

"By making this decision today (Tuesday) instead of waiting until tomorrow (Wednesday), we are able to save the cost of the band and fireworks," the release said.

For more information, go to www.cityofsugarhill.com/sparksinthepark.