Meal prices to increase in Buford City Schools

BUFORD -- Meal prices for students and teachers in Buford City Schools will be going up beginning in August.

During the Buford City Schools monthly meeting on Monday, Superintendent Geye Hamby told the board that he recommended raising prices on meals to make up for "a deficit in the nutrition budget."

"We want to be in 'break-even mode,'" Hamby said. "Red versus black ... so that's where we want to be able to offset some of the cost."

Hamby said the need to raise prices is due to the increased costs of food supplies and personnel. The board approved the measure.

On average, a student of Buford City Schools currently pays about $2.25 for lunch and $1 for breakfast.

Beginning in August, the cost of breakfast will go up by 25 cents, while lunch prices will go up anywhere from 25 to 50 cents for students and staff members.