Trial in brutal rape case slated to begin

LAWRENCEVILLE -- The trial of a Norcross man accused of perpetrating a brutal kidnapping and rape is scheduled to begin this week.

Deivi Mauris Polanco, 31 at the time of his arrest last May, is slated to stand trial beginning Monday on charges of rape, highjacking a motor vehicle, aggravated stalking and burglary. Judge Melodie Snell Conner will preside.

According to investigators in the case, Polanco donned a mask and grabbed a woman outside her home on April 16, forcing her into his car, binding her with duct tape and driving to an apartment. He then raped the victim -- who he reportedly knew -- four times inside the apartment before forcing her into another unit and tying her up tighter, police said.

The victim reportedly chewed through tape and zip-ties around her hands and got help from a nearby apartment when Polanco left the scene.

Almost three weeks after the alleged crime, Polanco was arrested when he visited the Gwinnett County jail on an unrelated matter.


DavidBrown 2 years, 8 months ago

Kenneth, was "sever" (sic) a Freudian slip, or intentionally written to demonstrate what you would like to see happen to Deivi Polanco?:)


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