Locals to host a prayer event

Ryan Daniel

Ryan Daniel


Adam Smith


Jeremy Nelson


Devin Durden

BUFORD -- After mourning the loss of four Buford residents, locals are coming together to remember their lives at Buford's Night of Prayer 7 p.m. Sunday.

In less than a full calendar year, the Buford community has dealt with multiple deaths, including Buford grad and Wolves football coach Ryan Daniel, who died after collapsing during a basketball game, Buford student Adam Smith who died during a basketball workout, former Wolves football player Devin Durden, who died in a motorcycle accident, and Jeremy Nelson, a seventh-grader who died after collapsing during a Gwinnett Basketball League all-star game.

"Whereas Buford's Night of Prayer is not associated with any one church, we are grateful to have the overwhelmingly gracious support of the Buford Ministerial Association, as well as other area pastors and their congregations," organizer Joy Fowler said through email. "It is our desire to maintain a true interdenominational event, utilizing various lay members to lead and purposefully focusing on the things that unite us. Our prayer is simply for healing, bonding and loving.

"Simply put, Buford is family. When times get tough, families rally around one another to pray. This is that time."

To remember those who have passed, the Buford community is meeting at the Buford Community Center Amphitheater.

According to the event's Facebook page, the group is working on another plan in case of bad weather.

"We are aware of the possibility of inclement weather and are working through logistics of a 'Plan B,'" the website said.

For updates and more information, visit www.facebook.com/BufordNightofPrayer.

Buford Community Center is located at 2200 Buford Highway in Buford.