Crime continues to drop thanks to CID program

NORCROSS -- One of the top goals of Gwinnett Village business owners is being met: crime is going down in the Community Improvement District.

According to statistics released Tuesday, the area around Jimmy Carter Boulevard has seen a reduction in overall crimes for a fifth consecutive year.

The biggest decrease in targeted areas came in commercial burglary, which is down 35 percent in 2012. Total robbery and motor vehicle thefts are both down by 6 percent, a press release said.

"The fact that we have seen these results coming in year after year proves that community initiatives are paying dividends," said Chuck Warbington, executive director for self-taxing business district. "I can't give enough credit to the law enforcement professionals from Gwinnett County (Police Department) and Norcross PD who are working day in and day out to make this a safer community. The strength of those partnerships is truly the reason behind the success we've seen here."

Not long after the inception of the CID, the groups board of directors voted unanimously in April 2007 to initiate a Targeted Enforcement Zone program to provide additional security coverage for commercial properties in the district, the release said. The program includes CID-funded graffiti and litter removal, private security patrols, and additional Norcross police patrols.

The program is credited with significant reductions in targeted crime. In five years, the release said total robberies have been reduced by 48 percent, total commercial burglaries dropped 51 percent and motor vehicle thefts have declined by 55 percent.

"This community is safer and consequently more vibrant and attractive for new business and investment than it has ever been," Warbington said. "We intend to continue our work to ensure that it stays that way."


Mack711 2 years, 8 months ago

Crime has not dropped it has just moved to other areas. The problem is still out there. read the papers.


kevin 2 years, 8 months ago

The use of "percents" is a bad stat, and only relative to what? Where's the real stats? Since more cops are there, less cops are everywhere else. Crime is up in other places!


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