LETTERS: Work at home needed to help educational system

Work at home needed to help educational system

It is not often that I agree with Esther Cepeda's point of view but her column 0/2013 ("Get parents on hot seat with teachers, too," Jan. 20, page 8A) was right on target. We continually hear how more money, more, or a different kind of, testing is needed to improve the educational system.

We would be better off to realize that the basis of the educational system is the home. If there is no discipline in the home or any emphasis put on education there, what can the teacher be expected to do? If the parents don't care, why should the child? I have heard stories from educators who have students who are failing and, at conferences with parents, are told that the child is "bored" or "didn't like an assignment" so they didn't do it. Too bad. When they complete the necessary curriculum and graduate, they can study whatever pleases them.

Until then, complete the requirements. It will benefit them if they eventually find their way to gainful employment.

Bob Pietruszka


Disarming citizens not the answer

How appropriate that the headline in the Jan. 17 paper read "Obama unveils plan for gun violence." This is exactly what will happen if the administration achieves its goal of disarming law-abiding citizens.

If lunatics find it so easy to kill people in "gun-free zones" today, imagine the freedom they will have when they know that most of the country has become gun-free and that they, the bad guys, are the only ones armed. Criminals will attack when they believe police are not around, and in those cases the armed citizen needs to be the first responder.

David Hancock