New arts alliance off to great start

LILBURN -- About 500 people packed the inaugural event of the Lilburn Arts Alliance a week ago.

"It was amazing. It was way beyond my expectations," said Sonny Franks, a muralist who is a member of the fledgling group.

The art exhibit, hosted at a city-owned building on Lilburn's Main Street, featured art created by Susan Boudreaux, Diana Dice, Teri Enfield, Alan Harp, Gwendolyn McDonald, David Raderstorf and Peggy Sullens.

But Franks said he could sense much more going on that simply art appreciation.

"It was more than just a gallery. It was a really good community kind of vibe," he said, adding that people packed the show the entire afternoon. "I don't know if we are just really hungry for art here."

Franks said it was an auspicious start for the Alliance, which hopes to create public displays of art, support local artists and create studio space.

"You couldn't help but realize something is going on," Franks said. "People are just jumping on the bandwagon. ... Lilburn is screaming for this."

The organization's first public meeting will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday at 107 Main St., the site of the former Blue Rooster restaurant.