LARSON: Bonding to old ways sometimes best

Susan Larson

Susan Larson

"Skyfall," like all James Bond movies, came with some surprises. For those of us old enough to have seen "Goldfinger " when it first came out, who could ever forget the fascination with the ejection seat or the oil slick sprayer? That was more high tech than anyone could possibly imagine.

But time and technology have caught up with the silver screen and except for a few enhancements, every gadget featured in "Skyfall" is either a repeat from a previous film or something available to the general public. Even Bond expresses disappointment in the poor selection Q presents to him.

But even more pleasantly surprising is the underlying theme that sometimes the old ways are best. I find that true in some aspects of my life. For example, keeping up with exercise and housework. I set up a schedule with the Silver Sneakers website, but I have to go to my computer to log on, remember my password, click the right link, update, revise, check off, log out and then move on to the calendar on my ASUS to see what chores, meeting and errands I programmed in. Yes, it gives me a daily update and even beeps to remind me 15 minutes before an event. But somehow, the old way of putting it down on paper sometimes seems simpler.

I remember back when I belonged to the Ridgeland Forest Book Club in Lilburn. All our kids were in preschool and it was all we could do to keep up with whose day it was for carpooling. Someone suggested we all read "Sidetracked Home Executives, From Pigpen to Paradise," by Pam Brace and Peggy Jones, two self-declared former slobs. In fact, the Fly Lady of Internet fame based her organizational methods on this very book.

Anyway, these two sisters devised a filing system with different colored index cards for every job imaginable around the house, daily, weekly and monthly. Every day you pull out your colored cards and refile them when the job is completed.

We were determined to make this work, so in addition to meeting monthly as a book club, we met every Monday afternoon as a support group to review the past week, compare notes, and pat each other on the back for a job well done.

With the start of the new year, I thought I might try this again. After all, no matter how many lists and charts and calendar items I enter into my computer, I still have to log into it every time I want to keep up with my list. But there is nothing like an old-fashioned stack of neon pink, orange and green index cards on the kitchen counter "in my face" telling me what I need to do.

Yes, so far this old way is working, but truth be told, I sure wish I could find a support group.

Susan Larson is a columnist from Lilburn. Email her at susanlarson79@gmail.com.


sarahldavis 2 years, 3 months ago

Susan is so right! Pencil and paper is much simpler--unless you lose the list.


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