Amateur directors are showcased at New Dawn

If You Go

What: New Directors Showcase

When: 2 and 8 p.m. today, Saturday and Sunday

Where: New Dawn Theater, 3087 Main St., Duluth

Cost: $10 to $15

For more information: Visit newdawntheatercompany.com

DULUTH -- Want to watch new plays come to life by local and fresh directors? This weekend, New Dawn Theater is hosting its first New Directors Showcase giving these amateur directors a chance to shine.

"New Dawn wanted to showcase new directors because there is such a pool of untapped talent out there, and they should have their chance to let people see what they can do," New Dawn's Sherry Ingbritsen said. "There are people who have a desire to direct, but without groups like us who are willing to let them have the chance, they may never get that opportunity."

Directors were chosen through an interview process in front of the New Dawn board members. They needed to present the script, their thoughts on the final stage design and confidence, according to Ingbritsen.

"We looked for people who had a true desire and who brought all they had and could see themselves in the director's chair," she said. "While these are new directors, they all knew what they were looking to bring out, and all have a sincere passion for theater."

There are four performances, which include three plays and one concert. Act 1 is Jessica Farr's "A Lovely Moon," which was written by local playwright Evan Guliford-Blake. Act 2 is Willmer Gonzalez's Spanish play "Chavela and Lupe." Act 3 is "Hi Tech," directed by Sandy Laszlo. Finally, Act 4 is a music concert by Dawn and Darrell Ritchie, performing country and soft rock music.

"I think our patrons will enjoy the diversity of what we have showcased for the evenings events," Ingbritsen said. "It is extremely hard to get into directing when you don't know how or where you can showcase your talents. New Dawn wants to be able to help others bring their dreams to life, and be able to also put these new directors on our calendars for future directing."

The show is anticipated to run approximately two hours.