Former chairman takes on advisory role

Wayne Hill

Wayne Hill

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Tommy Hunter knows that Wayne Hill learned a lot about Gwinnett's water and sewer system in his 12 years as chairman of the county commission. After all, a sewage plant bears his name.

So the new commissioner tapped Hill as an advisor, naming him to the county Water & Sewerage Authority, which oversees the countywide enterprise service. Hill will attend his first meeting Monday.

"I consider it a privilege to serve on the water and sewer board just as I did to serve Gwinnett County as chairman," said Hill, who declined an in-depth interview.

Hill lives in Suwanee, which is not in Hunter's District 3, which sweeps across southern and eastern Gwinnett.

But the appointment could come from anyone in the county.

"He's got years of experience and knows the governor and state leaders," said Hunter, who served four years on the authority himself. "We need to use that experience."

Chairwoman Charlotte Nash, who served as county administrator while Hill was chairman, said she believes he is a "great addition" to the authority.

"He has a real understanding of water issues, as well as knowledge of our water and sewer system," said Nash, who created a consultant group with Hill when they were both retired. "He understands the battle over water supply as well as anybody because he lived so much of it, as Gwinnett commission chair and as chairman of the ARC Board. I commend Commissioner Hunter on his choice and welcome Wayne to the authority."


JimmyOrr 2 years, 8 months ago

Good call, Tommy. Wayne will be an asset to the authority. Especially in the ongoing political arena in dealing with water rights (supply) involving Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Having a long tenure as Chairman should also be an asset as all contracts for the continuing improvements to our water and sewer infrastructure came before Wayne and his fellow commissioners for approval. The location of the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center high tech treatment plant was selected as Wayne flew his private plane over our county looking for the best possible place to build this facility.


Don 2 years, 8 months ago

Wayne Hill has the business sense that we need in the county. I only wish Mr. Hunter was my district commissioner with this type of insight.

Good call and looking for some great things from Wayne in the future, he is a great asset to the county sewer and wate board..


Coolray 2 years, 8 months ago

How sad! The good ole boys network is in full swing. In a county this large we don't need to recycle failed leadership, unless, there's an "r" behind you're name and your a part of the corrupt culture of Gwinnett county. Back to the future with de ja vu all over again!


dman 2 years, 8 months ago

Cool Ray...are you sitting around waiting on your ObamaCare check or what? "r" or "d" has nothing to do with it. How about getting someone in there that can help this Authority? Mr. Hunter did that.


JimmyOrr 2 years, 8 months ago

The authority was already comprised of good men. Wayne's selection will ensure that the trend of having good men or women on the authority continues. For those of you who may not know, the Gwinnett County Water & Sewer Authority is comprised of five members. Chairman Nash and each commissioner selects a member to serve on the authority. Their term of service is for one year. As dman stated, Wayne can help the authority.


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