Deputies cleared of accusations of physical assault

LOGANVILLE -- A man who was taken into custody in October claimed he was physically beaten by deputies. But surveillance cameras told another story.

An arrest warrant was issued on Tuesday for Sam Egbri of Loganville for making false statements following an October incident where he was taken into custody on an unrelated recorders court charge. According to an investigator's report from the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office, Egbri claimed, "he was physically beaten while being taken into custody, and had been suffocated to the point of defecating on himself."

To make matters worse for Egbri, he gave a detailed written statement of the incident, which led to an investigation, the report said.

"The surveillance cameras recorded the entire incident, and upon review, it was determined that the allegations had been fabricated," the report said. "Egbri had in fact defecated on himself, but it was not due to any actions taken by the deputies."

The investigator who looked into the allegations said he recorded multiple phone interviews on different dates with Egbri, but his alleged story didn't change.

So Egbri was charged with two felonies, one for the written statement, and another for the phone interviews. The deputies involved were cleared of all wrongdoing, and the case was closed as unfounded, the report said.

When deputies in uniform visited Egbri's home to serve the warrant, Egbri attempted to escape out the back door, the report said.