Lawrenceville mom fears mentally challenged daughter kidnapped

Carla Jones/Family Photo

Carla Jones/Family Photo

LAWRENCEVILLE -- A Lawrenceville woman fears her mentally challenged daughter may have been kidnapped.

Patrice Turner-Davies told the Daily Post that her daughter, Carla Jones -- who is 18 years old but "13 in her mind" -- was last seen Thursday, Jan. 3, near the Maxwell High School of Technology, where she goes to school. Turner-Davies said witnesses have her thinking an "older gentleman" may have taken Carla from the Burger King restaurant near the school on Cruse Road.

"She was preyed on," Turner-Davies said. "I know this."

Carla Jones "is like a person with dementia or a young child that's easily influenced" when she's not taking her medication, which she now hasn't had in days, her mother said. An employee at the Burger King reportedly told Turner-Davies on Tuesday that the girl had been in the restaurant when an older black man, approximately 6-foot-3 with a medium complexion and a red hat, came in and began talking to her.

The man allegedly took Jones with him in a "newer model red Ford," leaving her purse behind in the restaurant.

"She is a child in the mind," Turner-Davies said, "so if you were to tell her to come and go with you, she's not going to fight."

A police report has been filed, Turner-Davies said, but authorities told her they could not issue a statewide Mattie's Call because she does not have "adult guardianship" of her 18-year-old daughter.

"We just received this report and it's being forwarded to the Special Victims Unit for investigation," Gwinnett County police spokesman Cpl. Edwin Ritter said.

Turner-Davies, meanwhile, has canvassed much of Gwinnett and the surrounding area, posting handmade fliers begging for information. The effort has been mostly to no avail thus far, despite Turner-Davies' suspicions that "a couple people of interest" with connections to the family may know more than they're sharing.

The distraught mother has tried to ignore the rumors circulating around her and stay positive. But it's hard, she said.

"It's for financial gain," Turner-Davies said. "I'm not rich, my family's not rich, but I can't see any other reason."

She added: "Before my daughter left, we were looking at prom dresses. This is not a runaway case."

Anyone with information should call Gwinnett County police at 770-513-5300 or Turner-Davies at 678-267-9087.