LETTERS: Media plays large role in moral rot

With degrees in psychology, criminology and nursing buttressing my 40-year career in Georgia mental health and corrections public agencies, I witnessed the demise of what was Georgia's excellent mental health care systems in the late '70s. I moved to corrections in time to witness the arrival of the former mental health patients into the prison system, which now functions as the waste bin for the mentally disabled, while those not incarcerated swell the ranks of the homeless.

Although most mentally impaired are not dangerous, those left untreated/unsupervised can be. As long as we and our politicians will not take our mental health crisis seriously and insurance companies limit their exposure for treatment, this violence will continue. We need to go back and restore our mental health delivery system.

Secondly, we need a return to media production codes. What type of society tolerates "hit" show like "Dexter?" In my day, the most violence kids saw was when the Lone Ranger shot the gun out of the bad guy's hand and then went to fisticuffs. By the time a child is 18 they have witnessed 16,000 murders and hundreds of thousands of acts of violence in the media.

As long as the high and profitable media body count is allowed to roll, the young, and especially the unstable, will continue to be trained in violent death. We need to eliminate the moral rot at the center of our entertainment industry.

-- Raymond Wozniak



notblind 2 years, 7 months ago

I doubt the mentally impaired vote in large enough numbers to register on any politician's radar. Now that I gotten the humor out of the way it becomes obvious to me that my humor does contain a large measure of truth. The money taken away from mental health agencies was redirected to more fertile political grounds, i.e. the people living off the government that actually do vote.


kevin 2 years, 7 months ago

So now the government is being expected to pay for and provide for the handicap. What about those families, non-profits, churches, etc? Why give the government more power over us by keeping folks in institutions instead of their homes?


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