Deer rescued from Ga. pond at wastewater plant

CUMMING — A deer is recovering after firefighters and animal control officers rescued the animal from a storage pond at a wastewater treatment plant north of Atlanta.

The young doe was rescued Wednesday afternoon from the Forsyth County pond with help from Forsyth County fire and animal control.

Fire Division Chief Jason Shivers said authorities believe the deer fell down the angled walls of the pond.

He said employees at the plant noticed the deer in the pond Monday and hoped she would make it out on her own. When they returned to work Wednesday and saw her still there, the workers contacted authorities.

Workers tried for nearly two hours before finally capturing the doe with the loop on a pole, then setting her free.


kevin 2 years, 6 months ago

Was she really set free or ended up on a dinner table?


NewsReader 2 years, 6 months ago

Kevin, let's think about the rationale of that assinine[sic] question for a moment shall we? If the deer was rescued from a pond at a "waste water treatment plant", is that some meat you would be interested in putting on the dinner table? Do you actually put any thought into what you write about or do you just let random stupidity flow right out of your brain onto the screen and click [Post Comment]?


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