Duluth company donates tractor to Piedmont Conservancy

On Dec. 17th the Piedmont Park Conservancy received an unexpected gift from a local metro Atlanta business. AGCO, an agricultural equipment manufacturer based in Duluth, donated a new Massey Ferguson MF1655 tractor to Piedmont Park. The donation is worth $50,000, but AGCO is also providing the maintenance and the training required for the tractor.

With the addition the Piedmont Park Conservancy now has two tractors to maintain, beautify, and upkeep the park. The new MF1655 has better gas mileage and is more environmentally friendly than their current Massey Ferguson 1180.

Along with the donations, AGCO became a sponsor of Piedmont Park's Green Market, an outdoor farmers market held from May to mid December, and a member of the Piedmont Park Chairman's Circle. The purpose of the group is to give public recognition to Conservancy donors. AGCO is now a preserver level donor in the Circle, meaning that the company donates a minimum of $25,000 per year.

-- Caitlin Hutchinson