POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Tea party leaders endorse Unterman for Rules Chair

Georgia Sen. Renee Unterman is getting some help from conservative leaders in her quest to become the first woman to head the state Senate Rules Committee.

"The Rules Chairman is the third most powerful position in the Georgia State Senate. We have a strong, well-qualified, proven conservative in line for this position. She also happens to be a woman," said Julianne Thompson, a Suwanee woman who is the co-chairman of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots. "The new Republican leaders in the Senate have an extraordinary opportunity before them to take a proactive position with regard to the inclusion of well-qualified conservative women. They have a candidate before them who is one of the most experienced legislators in Georgia. She has cumulative legislative seniority, and has proven herself to be dedicated to conservative principles time and again.

"Her constituents love her and keep electing her, because she is accessible and constantly works on their behalf," Thompson said of the Buford senator. "This is not only an opportunity to appoint the right leader, but an opportunity to inspire young people everywhere to know the GOP is the party where hard work, dedication, and loyalty reap reward, regardless of gender or race. Renee Unterman has my full support."

Debbie Dooley, the Dacula woman who is the group's other co-chair, said Unterman is the senator most open to conservative activists.

"There has been a lot of talk that this position has been already locked up for another candidate, and that is very disturbing to those activists who have worked with both senators over the years," Dooley said, referring to Chickamauga's Jeff Mullis. "Senator Unterman has worked diligently for her constituents and is the go-to senator on issues regarding child safety, and for building strong families. Sen. Mullis, however was the Senate's primary proponent on T-SPLOST, which was overwhelmingly rejected by most voters in Georgia and by the vast majority of Republicans. Sen. Unterman stood strong against T-SPLOST. Conservatives trust her."

Steve Ramey, the Lilburn man who is chairman of the Founding Fathers Tea Party, also endorsed Unterman, along with Diane Cox, founder of the Valdosta Tea Party, and Kay Godwin, co-founder of Georgia Conservatives in Action.

"Renee Unterman is simply the best person for the job," Thompson and Dooley said in a joint statement. "We are in agreement that given the last election, and the way the GOP did not seize the opportunity to shape it's messaging to show we are the Party for strong, conservative women, minorities ... and anyone who is well-qualified and hard-working, and has proven themselves in making a difference, the time is now to show the GOP is the party of inclusion. Speaker Ralston has shown this kind of leadership in the House. It is time the Senate seize this great opportunity."

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Karl 2 years, 9 months ago

Anyone but that crook Don Balfour. And why do you keep deleting my post, GDP editor?


Kent 2 years, 9 months ago

After Debbie Dooley endorsed Mike Beaudreau I place a lot of credence her political endorsements.


SuxBeanU 2 years, 9 months ago

unterman?, that's a joke right?


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