Local DUIs add up during New Year's holiday weekend

LAWRENCEVILLE -- Gwinnett County jail records show local police officers made plenty of DUI arrests over the New Year's holiday weekend.

The Georgia State Patrol has reported that its troopers arrested 321 drivers statewide for driving under the influence during the New Year's travel period, defined as beginning 6 p.m. Friday and ending at midnight Tuesday. An official tally for the Gwinnett County Police Department over the same time period was not available Wednesday, spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith said, but online detention center records painted the picture.

According to jail logs, approximately 78 DUI arrests were made between Friday night and Tuesday. Those charges included those filed by Gwinnett County police and other municipal departments.

Gwinnett typically has its fair share of driving under the influence arrests, but the unofficial tally of 78 was far more than the average weekend. By comparison, 40 DUIs were charted by the Gwinnett jail over the same time period the previous week (Dec. 21 through 25).

There were 39 DUI arrests counted between 12 a.m. New Year's Eve and 8 a.m. New Year's Day alone.

The Georgia State Patrol also reported six traffic fatalities of the New Year's travel period. None were in Gwinnett.

Statewide, this year's Georgia State Patrol DUI arrests marked about an 18 percent increase over last year's New Year's total of 262. Seven people were killed during the 2011 New Year's window.


RosieW 1 year, 9 months ago

I get Gwinnett Mugs daily, covering arrests in zip 30518. Buford and Sugar Hill areas had NO ARRESTS for DUI's over New Years Eve. Surprising to me. Kudos to the GA State Patrol and the Gwinnett County police for their dedicated efforts.


MistyFyed 1 year, 9 months ago

321 DUIs...an 18% increase....6 fatalities. We need to ban alcohol...or at least install a waiting period for it's purchase. And is there really any need to sell bottles of liquor that hold more than 2 ounces. Who needs to consume more than 2 ounces at a time unless they intend on getting drunk and possibly driving. Time to end this madness. Limit liquor bottle sizes to 2 ounces and then only after a 6 hour waiting period.


Motor76 1 year, 9 months ago

That's been tried Misty...It was called prohibition and was repealed in 1933, Did you pay attention that day in History class? You seem to think more government in our lives and or loss of freedom of choice is a good thing. You are one of the UNINFORMED that put that incumbent back in Washington for another 4 years and I pray for this country...We are losing our liberties daily.


Why_not 1 year, 9 months ago

I hate that you have lost all you liberties Motor....I still have mine.


Motor76 1 year, 9 months ago

Why_not comprehend as well as read...It says WE. I never said ALL, and it says losing not lost. The day will come though...Four years from now remember what you said..." I still have mine".


Mack711 1 year, 9 months ago

During prohibition many took to the hills and woods and made their own whiskey. So that may also be another reason why it was repealed, the government was not getting their cut. It is not a good decision to drink and drive at any time, no excuse. however some will do it and eventurally get caught.


jack 1 year, 9 months ago

Misty- How many shots would a bottle have to hold to be considered high capacity? Should champagne magnums be outlawed? I suppose shooters should be licensed as well.


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