Diggers closes, reopens as Buffalo's Cafe

SUWANEE -- Despite a name change, longtime customers of Diggers Grill and Tap can expect the same friendly faces and several favorite dishes as well, said manager Jin Stewart.

Last week the business closed its doors for one day, made some minor changes inside and reopened Friday as Buffalo's Cafe, a chain with other nearby locations such as Hamilton Mill.

Owners of the Suwanee restaurant, Paul and Flay Dalrymple, also own the location at Hamilton Mill. About two years ago, they opened Diggers and developed a good customer base, Stewart said.

"They decided to connect with the franchise," Stewart said. "The company has been making some expansions in the area, and the owners decided to switch this location as part of that expansion ...it's a good product and a recognizable brand."

Stewart said that so far it's been a positive change. "We've been very busy, and things are going good for us," she said. "We've teamed up with Buffalo's, and we're having a good time."

The transition, she said, came down to "a businesses decision. It was a great way to have one central kind of menu as well as one specific type of training. It was harder when we were Diggers, but now we've got a big pool of employees (from other locations) to help us if we get in a bind."

She said that all employees of Diggers were able to keep their jobs during the transition.

And while the fare of the former restaurant will change to that of Buffalo's Cafe, Stewart said they'll be keeping a few old classics on the menu.

"We kept our prime rib sandwich, because that was a favorite," she said. "We also have kept some of the same appetizers."

Buffalo's Cafe is located at 991 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.

Just weeks ago, a longtime restaurant also located in Suwanee's Town Center closed its doors with uncertain plans for its future. After struggling financially over the past year, Olde Towne Tavern & Grille shut down Dec. 20. The business filed for Chapter 11 earlier in the year but was unable to get its finances in order.


Buffalo's Cafe in Suwanee

Buffalo's Cafe in Suwanee


kevin 2 years, 6 months ago

People are getting tired of fired food and "fake" Asian & Hispanic food. None of these will last very long.


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