LETTER: Why you want me to register my gun

Perhaps a couple of thoughts for both liberals and conservatives to contemplate: Just why do liberals want to register my guns unless it is to eventually invade my house and confiscate them? That’s what old King George, Adolph Hitler and other despots did.

Somehow, too many Americans are fat, dumb and happy and blindly think the future will always be bright and rosy and that “the government” will always somehow protect us.

And thanks to the New York newspapers, in their zealous anti-gun move to intimidate gun owners, that recently published the names and address of local gun owners because now the bad guys know who will and especially will not protect their homes and family.

Hope you liberals actually consider that possibly you haven’t been robbed/raped/mugged/killed because the bad guy can’t distinguish between someone like gun-abhorrent you and someone like me who is not afraid to protect myself, my family and others. Might I suggest that my liberal neighbors who hate guns put in your front yard a sign proclaiming your house to be a “gun-free” zone.”

I will be glad to risk my life to help protect you and your family; that is, if I’m not too busy on the gun range.


notblind 2 years, 9 months ago

The libs don't want to register guns or enact any other unconstitutional laws to fight crime. They want to do it to inflict wounds on their ideological enemies. They despise conservatives whereas they feel compassion for violent criminals and the dangerously insane.


JimmyOrr 2 years, 9 months ago

Gene, your letter was well thought out and written. Same expresses my sentiments exactly. I make no aplogies for being an avid supporter of our 2nd. Amendment or for being a member of the National Rifle Association since 1960. I especially like your recognition that we have too many Americans who are fat, dumb, and happy as they drink the kool-aid being poured out by the liberal establishment. It all translates that when a people lose their stomach to defend themselves from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, those SOB's who "ain't" lost their will to fight will take them over.


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