CLINE: Pedaling (or not) into new year

Todd Cline

Todd Cline

It’s sad when you have a holiday and then you don’t. That’s what countless folks are thinking today, the dreaded Jan. 2.

The new year is here as the alarm clock no doubt reminded you, rousing you from visions of Christmas just passed. You may be wearing that new dress or shirt Santa (or someone like him) brought you, but the bows and wrappings are long since gone along with the excitement and stress that often go hand-in-hand with the season. It’s out with the old and in with the new, but first a cup of coffee. Or three.

This could be a long work week despite its shortness, but the Christmas memories will help, not to mention the caffeine. As you get through that first morning of being back at work, your vision will begin to move forward. For some that means deadlines and commitments that make the yuletide stress pale in comparison. For others it means opportunities, the chance to reach goals (that sounds better than resolutions; who keeps those?) or seek improvement.

If you need help with that, you don’t have to look far. There’s no shortage of resolutions set forth by others. I’ve looked through many, including an email from Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful featuring “green” resolutions. It suggested biking to the grocery store — which I’ll rule out for two very good reasons: no bike, lazy — and a couple I can and will do — using reusable bags at the grocery store (that I’m not biking to), energy-efficient light bulbs and rainwater to water plants.

Of course there’s the resolution to lose weight, but where’s the novelty in that? Not one to be a follower, I’m making it a goal to gain pounds in 2013. And if I continue the trend of failing to keep my resolutions, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I could also vow to exercise more (or at all), but like I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a bike, standard or stationary. And walking seems so passe.

Maybe the trick is to make the goals very attainable, easy to adhere to. In that vein, may I suggest making it a point to compliment someone every day, be it with a casual remark or a short email? And read more. More than Facebook posts, that is. A good book, or maybe that interesting article you’ve been wanting to get to (after you’re done reading the Daily Post online and in print, of course).

Whatever your goals, make sure to write them down. Keeps you honest. And as an old friend, Jack Williams, explained to me once: If after a month or so you find you aren’t doing some of the items on the list, you can’t really say those items are part of your core beliefs. My own two cents: It’s almost as important to make the list as to keep it. You can’t follow something you don’t have.

But first things first. This day, and more accurately, this morning. We’ve got to soldier through it before making our way to the rest of the year. As the caffeine wears off, that becomes more difficult. But meeting a new year is like riding a bike — you never forget how.

Even if you don’t have one.

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