Tripp recovering from eighth surgery

In an ongoing quest to rid his body of bacteria and infection, Tripp Halstead had an eighth surgery on Thursday at Children's healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite.

Halstead's mother Stacy wrote on Facebook that doctors will take samples of fluid daily until they find five samples without an infection. The surgery was to replace an external ventricular drain, which relieves pressure and fluid around his brain, with one that is bacteria-free.

"If not, they may have to do a very serious surgery," Stacy wrote on Facebook. "But we can discuss that if that situation arises. We will know more next week. So we are hoping for the best."

If there are five samples without infection then a shunt can be re-inserted and recovery can resume, Stacy wrote.

This week is the four-month mark since the Oct. 29 incident when a large tree limb fell on Halstead's head at his Barrow County daycare.

"We missed a whole season," Stacy wrote. "Tripp came in wearing 2T and now (when he does wear clothes) he wears a 4T. Missed a whole size. I could name over a million things Tripp and our whole family has missed being here but the fact that we still have Tripp with us makes it all OK. I will spend forever in this hospital as long as I am with him."

Along with the infection problems, Halstead, 2, has also struggled recently with stiffness, keeping his blood pressure under control and has vomited regularly, his mother wrote.

"It is so hard to deal with so many setbacks," Stacy wrote. "We try to stay as positive as we can be for Tripp and to keep ourselves sane. It has been a long, long four months of ups and downs."

But on Thursday evening, Stacy wrote that her son was sleeping peacefully, and his blood pressure and heart rate were down.

Earlier this week, the Halsteads announced they would soon move into a wheelchair-friendly house after they put their current house on the market -- and it sold -- because it wasn't suitable for a wheelchair.

A nonprofit, Sunshine on a Ranney Day, founded by Peter and Holly Ranney, will help the Halsteads prepare their new home for Tripp's arrival. They are expected to close on the new house soon.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day is a Roswell-based organization that does interior design makeovers for children with long term illnesses, according to its website.