ART BEAT: Tannery Row Artist Colony presents 'Current'


Special Photo Artist Judy Isaak's "Race for Home" is one of many works on display in Tannery Row's latest exhibit "Current," which opens Saturday.

Tannery Row Artist Colony invites people who love boats and all things nautical as well as art lovers to its event from 3 to 7 p.m. Saturday titled "Current," this themed exhibition is partnered by Zhik, a sailing supply company that also provides marine clothing. As a result of the partnership, much of the artwork by Tannery Row's 13 artists will have a lake, boating or ocean theme.

The public is invited to this reception for "Current," where an Olympic boat will be on display. There will be food and music, and afterward participants are invited to "cruise on over" to Aqua Terra with a $5 coupon for dinner. Tannery Row is located at 554 W. Main St., Building C, in Buford. The exhibition runs through April 13.

Artwork will be featured from all 13 of the Tannery Row artists. The artists are Donna Biggee, Sabrina Bland, Christine Canova, Janet L. Felts, Marti Forkner-Vernon, Jenny Bishop Heaton, James H. Klippel, Catherine "Katina" Pastis Radwanski, Bree Sauers, Judith Surowiec, Dennis Primm, Judy Isaak and Kristen Anderson.

Tannery Row has been a haven for all types of artists since 2003. Painters, potters, sculptors and jewelers have found room in the historic old brick building in which to create their art.

Having much of the art reflect a "water" theme fits the inner feelings of many of the artists as well as the business of the sponsor.

"I am constantly drawn to water," Biggee said. "I love the light, the reflections and the movement. I have two pieces in the show, and I am very excited about it. One is 'Sailing Days' which is painted on top of a Lake Lanier nautical map. The other, 'The Point,' is a panorama view of Lake Lanier. It is a series of five pieces that measures 10 feet in length."

"I began working on the 'Current' show a few weeks ago," Isaak said. "Collaboration with Dennis Primm was the final step in the process. Like those things you cannot see or hold, currents can be felt. I have tried to depict how wind and water currents 'look.' The effect of currents can be seen on sails and movement in water, but we never actually see 'them.'

"I will have three vases in this show. They have been done recently using underglaze colors applied with sponging technique and distressed to get special effects."

Other pieces in the show include a large mixed media painting by artist Tonya Haswell that depicts water dropping on a puddle. Another piece by Christine Canova consists of molded paper to which layers of color and design have been applied. Katina Pastis Radwanski collaborated with Dennis Primm to create a metal sculpture that shows exciting movement.

"The art is as varied as the artists themselves," Isaak said. Her own studio will contain new works that look like origami but are in fact clay, complete with bright colors and "promises of wishes granted."

For more information about "Current" and Tannery Row Artist Colony, visit www.tanneryrowartistcolony.com or call 770-904-0572.

Holley Calmes is a freelance writer and public relations consultant specializing in the arts. Email her at hcalmes@mindspring.com.